About Us

I have always enjoyed decorating and creating new things, but never imagined it as a career. I have a BS in Exercise Science and worked for many years in the Health and Fitness field. I have a twin sister who along with me, enjoyed decorating and rearranging our room at a very young age. We were always making new things to put on our walls! We decided one day to open a shop where we could sell our hand painted furniture and kids room decor. We had a little shop in our town and it seemed like a dream come true... after 4 years and a few more babies, we decided to close the store and start an on-line business. This is when the idea of "The Wooden Owl" came about. I was pregnant with one of my daughters and knew I was going to decorate her room in owls, my husband and I designed a few owls for a shelf and clothing rack and the rest is history!